Proyectos jardineria del valles

Construction of gardens

We carry out all the necessary phases for the construction of a garden: earth movements, preparation and cleaning of the land, contribution of land, installation of automatic irrigation, plantations of plants, trees and shrubs, planting and placement of decorative elements.

We have the best machinery for the different types of work that can be done in the gardening sector and a great team of professionals who will take care of even the smallest detail when executing the works.

But especially we want to highlight, our latest acquisition, the special multi-purpose machine DINGO gardening, it is a very versatile mini excavator that helps us to successfully solve any challenge in the garden, and of course your garden will benefit if you hire us! because it accelerates the process of works and consequently lowers its price.

We are specialists in the development of low maintenance gardens, synonymous with gardens to enjoy, without being a slave to the garden.


Do you want to build or renovate your garden?

Different phases in the construction of a garden

New technology in garden construction