tala y poda del jardín

Cutting and gardening pruning 

During the winter season, the garden enters a period of lethargy, most plants come to rest, some with bare branches and with little movement of the sap, which will facilitate many tasks to be performed in the garden, such as pruning.


But sometimes, the trees are in a dangerous place, or have grown more than we expected and need to be removed, in these cases it is of little use to prune them, we need to cut down these trees

In Jardinería del Valle, we take care of pruning and cutting trees, shrubs, in short the vegetation of the garden, whether it is a site of easy or difficult to access, with our specialists in pruning and felling.

The ideal time for pruning is in late autumn, early winter, always depending on the weather.

Does your garden need pruning or cutting down trees?

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