Do you want to do it yourself?

FixGrav is also for you

We show you the steps to follow to create your FixGrav space, and if it is not clear to you, visualize our video, we advise you 🙂 you will find the link of the video at the bottom of the page.

Design your space

Prepare the ground

Distribute the gravel

Compact the gravel manually, for small spaces

Compact the gravel with a roller, for larger spaces

Clean and dry the gravel before applying Fixgrav

Three types of sprayers to apply Fixgrav

Apply Fixgrav with a manual sprayer, for small and medium spaces

Apply Fixgrav with a motor sprayer, for large spaces

FIXGRAV features to highlight

It's Draining

It's Ecological

It is Resistant

Does not require maintenance

It is easy to sweep

Forget about weeds