Do You want to have a minimalist, sustainable and low maintenance garden?

What happens if you add decorative gravel + artificial turf + synthetic flooring with our flagship product FIXGRAV?

FIXGRAV is the solution of your garden, combined with these 3 elements plus the autochthonous plants!


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Reduces maintenance cost


Design with shape and colors


Do not be a slave of the garden


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FixGrav is the solution

FixGrav is an ecological binder designed to fix stones, gravel and sand used in the decoration of gardens.

Using FixGrav we manage to create spaces and design gardens easy to maintain !.

We create them by combining 4 key elements in a garden: gravel, artificial turf, wood and native plants.

The great variety of materials that allows to combine, together with its high drainage capacity make it the best kept secret of low maintenance gardens


FixGrav is also for you

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What are the advantages of a low maintenance garden?

  • You save time, gardens without maintenance require little attention
  • You can enjoy your garden without obligations
  • You will save up to 70% of water, you will notice it in your pocket and you will not need to be aware of watering the garden
  • The resources needed to maintain it are minimal
  • It allows us to play with different materials, shapes, textures and create a unique environment
  • Use Mediterranean plants that are adapted to our climate