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New technology in garden construction

We have the latest technology in compact backhoes, thanks to our latest acquisition of the Toro Dingo TX525.

We can access spaces up to 90 cm wide and without breaking the pavement thanks to its rubber track.

The fact of being able to access with machinery to places where previously it was unthinkable, makes that we reduce the work times up to 70% with a consequent reduction of the costs thanks to the decrease of manpower.

In addition Digo is a versatile mini excavator that allows you to attach more than 125 different implements that help us solve any challenge in the garden successfully, no matter how complicated it may be.

dingo, retroexcavadora para la construcción de jardines

TRENCHER, to open ditches quickly and easily

Alquiler multiusos dingo

Do you need to open a trench and want to save time and money?

The directed trencher is one of the most useful implements of the multi-purpose dingo.

Thanks to its maneuverability, stability and its simple and at the same time powerful control system,it allows it to be the most recommendable and economical option to open ditches even in the hardest terrains.

In addition the sword, digs ditches 90 cm deep and 20.3 cm wide.

Trencher utilities:

  • Open ditches on hard terrain, there is no challenge that can resist!
  • The installation of pipes or wiring in the garden, becomes an easy task, thanks to the versatility of the dingo.
  • Open ditches for the installation of automatic irrigation.
  • Open ditches for the channeling of supplies.

thanks to his high capacity of work

allows to give prices of € 3.5 per meter of trench

STUMP GRINDER, remove remains of felled logs

Do you have to cut a tree and you have the strain on the ground?

Do not worry about the deconstructor we will eliminate it without effort, without destroying the garden and in a record time.

Forget the hard and expensive jobs with traditional backhoes!

Once cut a tree does not disappear completely, it remains its origin, the stump.

destoconadora dingo, para eliminar troncos talados

CULTIVATOR: cultivate, level and prepare the soil

cultivador de suelos dingo

This versatile and highly productive implement of the Dingo, offers us many possibilities, is the perfect implement for soil preparation in gardens

What tasks can we perform with the grower?

  • Cultivate and level the soil
  • Mix landscape materials, compost and fertilizers
  • Bury stones, grass and clods of soil
  • Regenerate the lawn with incredible speed, and at very low prices!

In one or two passes, transform the broken land into a perfect plantation bed.

Creates an aerated surface for maximum germination of the seed and root penetration.

Cultivate soil up to 14 cm deep for root penetration and maintenance of a healthy lawn


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